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anx is a cli tool to interact with FloEdge (i.e. reboot, shutdown, stream_imu etc…). Use anx --help to know more about it.

Rebooting device

anx reboot

Shutting down

anx shutdown

Reset File system

In case you need to reset your Flo Edge’s file system, use

Beware : This would essentially do a factory reset of your rootfs

anx reset_fs


Every Flo Edge comes with dual SIM card support, which means it has 2 IMEI numbers. This serves as the unique identity for your Flo Edge

anx imei_numbers


To help us catch and fix any bugs, we’ve added support to capture system logs. In case you do face any issue while using your Flo Edge, be sure to share your system logs with us and we’ll be on top of fixing it.

Note : Logs are located in the /root/.logs/system folder in your rootfs

# To start logging
anx start_android_logs

# To stop
anx stop_android_logs